3 Reasons To Visit A Cosmetic Dentist

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If you want to alter the look of your smile, it is possible. Many people simply aren't born with the perfect teeth and desire to make significant changes. There is a variety of procedures a cosmetic dentist can complete that may drastically transform your smile. Knowing what these dental methods are may motivate you to schedule your appointment today!

Reason #1: Whiten your teeth

One of the least invasive, but effective ways to improve your smile, is by getting a professional teeth whitening. This process involves the dentist making custom plastic trays that fit directly on your upper and lower teeth.

These trays are filled with a highly concentrated amount of hydrogen peroxide solution that ranges from 15%–43%.  The average cost of getting your teeth professionally whitened is $500–$700 and can be completed within one visit to your dental office.

Be sure to ask the dentist if you can take the trays home with you to continue the whitening treatment at home for maintaining the process.

Reason #2: Improve your teeth

Veneers are frequently selected to help the overall appearance of your teeth. These are thin porcelain laminates that fit on top of your natural teeth. Veneers average .05 millimeters in thickness and the average price per tooth ranges from $500–$1,100.

Listed below are the advantages of veneers:

  1. Veneers are durable and can last ten years and longer in some cases.
  2. Gum tissues tolerate the placement of this cosmetic procedure well.
  3. This cosmetic procedure can fix cracked or damaged teeth within two visits to the dental office in most cases.

Reason #3: Replace your missing teeth.

Dental implants are a great option for dental patients who have missing teeth. The disadvantages of gaps in the teeth include the other teeth shifting out of place to fill in these spaces.

This is a surgical procedure that places a titanium post in the jawbone to act as an artificial root for a replacement tooth. After this surgery, the jawbone must be given time to heal and bond with the implant. Once this process has been completed, the tooth can be restored with a porcelain crown or dental bridge.

Dental implants are expensive, and you can expect to pay $2,400–$3,000 per implant.

Finally, improving the appearance or health of your teeth is a positive step that may provide you with greater self-confidence. Be sure to discuss the details of this process with your cosmetic dentist to fully understand the details of your procedure.


12 November 2014

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