3 Ways To Make Your Smile More Attractive

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Your smile is used on a daily basis. This makes it important to most people to have teeth that are attractive. Of course the health of your teeth is important, but so is the appearance. Being unhappy with your smile can decrease your self-confidence. By making certain cosmetic dental changes to your teeth, this can improve your smile.

Teeth Whitening

One way to improve your smile is as simple as whitening your teeth. Certain types of food and drinks can discolor your teeth over time.

This process consists of having plastic trays custom-made to fit your teeth. There will be one for the upper and lower teeth. These will be filled with a hydrogen peroxide that will lighten the color of your teeth.

Be sure to ask the dentist if you can take these items home with you to do regular maintenance on your own. Be prepared to pay $500 - $700 to have this professionally done at your dental office.


If you have teeth that are crooked, you should consider veneers. This cosmetic procedure can be completed in two visits to the dental office and can dramatically improve your appearance.

Veneers are made of a thin porcelain material and attach directly onto the teeth. These are usually .05 millimeters in thickness and add a protected layer to your teeth.

The average cost of veneers varies and you can expect to pay $500 - $1,100.

Dental Crowns

One way to improve the look and function of damaged teeth is by getting dental crowns. These can usually be completed in two visits to the dentist office and restore severely decayed teeth or teeth that are worn down due to time.

Listed below are the steps for getting a crown:

1.The dentist will remove any decay on the tooth.

2.There will be an impression taken of the natural tooth and sent to a dental lab.

3.The patient will be required to return to the dental office and have the crown cemented onto the tooth.

The average cost of a crown is $500 - $1,500 and will depend on the severity of the decay and the location where it is completed.

Finally, you can improve the look of your smile by choosing the right dental procedure to improve your teeth. Be sure to discuss your  dental options with a cosmetic dentist to allow you to make the right selection for your individual situation.


17 November 2014

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