Beyond Plastic Surgery: 3 Professionals Who Can Make You Look Younger

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When you consider treatments or procedures to reclaim the appearance of youth, you probably think of plastic surgeons performing face lifts, liposuction, and other rather dramatic surgeries. But you may not realize that there are other experts available who can make you look years younger as well. Here are three such professionals you may want to consult.

1. Dentists

Your teeth may look years or even decades older than the rest of your face. Cracks, chips, stains, and missing teeth convey a kind of premature aging to your appearance every time you laugh or smile. This may cause you avoid laughing or smiling, and the apparent lack of good cheer makes you seem even older and more worn out. 

  • Ask your dentist about professional tooth whitening. This technique uses high-potency peroxides that zap discolorations more quickly and powerfully than any home kit you could purchase. The custom-fitted whitening trays also protect your sensitive gums while ensuring evenly-distributed results.
  • If you have one or more teeth disfigured by damage, your dentist can make repairs by installing porcelain crowns (which cover an entire tooth) or veneers (which cover the front surface of a tooth).

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2. Chiropractors

If you think of chiropractic treatment solely as a remedy for back pain, think again. Chiropractors address not only chronic problems but also preventative wellness concerns -- including your posture, which can make you look either young and strong or old and stooped.

  • A chiropractor can perform spinal screenings and evaluate your stance or gait to determine whether your spine out of alignment. Faulty spinal alignment may be a direct cause of poor posture.
  • Postural problems can also stem from weakness in the muscles that support the back and pelvis. Many chiropractors can diagnose this issue through muscle testing. If you have strength issues, either through chronic under-use or due to an old injury, your chiropractor can prescribe corrective exercises.

3. Nutritionists

What you eat and drink directly affects many of your most obvious physical attributes, from your skin to your waistline. A professional nutritionist can help you make sure you're consuming the right things for optimum health and wellness and to prevent premature aging.

  • Extra weight may make you appear older than your chronological age -- while also giving you fewer options for dressing in the youthful fashions of the day. Your nutritionist can evaluate your daily diet to see where you might be taking in too many processed or fatty foods, too much sugar, or overly-large portions.
  • Antioxidants are substances found in fruits and vegetables that play a critical role in cellular repair. If your skin shows lines and wrinkles, you may need to get more of these nutrients in your diet. Your nutritionist can devise the appropriate "anti-aging" diet to help you reverse the ravages of time.

Before investing thousands of dollars in plastic surgery, why not have a chat with a dentist, chiropractor, and/or nutritionist? These professionals may help you find surgery-free solutions for turning back the clock!


21 November 2014

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