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Cosmetic dental procedures are done to improve the look of your teeth and most often, but not always, done for cosmetic reasons and not for medical purposes. If you are thinking about improving your smile or the look of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry offers a broad range of options for patients. However, before undergoing these procedures, you may have some questions you need answered first. 

Does Teeth Whitening Work For Everyone?

Unfortunately teeth whitening does not work for everyone. Whether whitening procedures can help you depends on what has caused the discoloration of your teeth. If you have severe tooth discoloration, you may not get the bright white results you want. Smokers who undergo teeth whitening procedures will see results, but the whiteness is short-lived. If you smoke and keep smoking, the tooth discoloration from nicotine in the cigarettes quickly returns. 

To determine if you are a good candidate for tooth whitening procedures, your cosmetic dentist needs to determine what is causing your tooth discoloration. There are a variety of reasons why teeth become discolored.

  • Aging and normal wearing of enamel
  • Smoking and drinking large amounts of tea and coffee
  • Taking certain medications
  • Exposing teeth to excessive amounts of fluoride

If you are not a good candidate for bleaching procedures to whiten teeth, veneers may be an alternative, so discuss this with your cosmetic dentist. 

Are There Side Effects Associating With Teeth Whitening?

While there are some potential side effects associated with teeth whitening procedures, your cosmetic dentist takes measures to keep you comfortable and safe during the procedure. The most common bleaching solutions used are approved by the American Dental Association (ADA); this ensures both safety and effectiveness. The dentist fits you with a rubber shield or uses protective gel to protect your gum from irritation. However, even with when these measures are taken, you may still experience a little tooth sensitivity for a short period of time. 

Are Veneers The Only Option For Dental Makeovers?

Veneers are not the fix all for bad teeth. There are many options your dentist can use to correct problems.

  • Crowns
  • Composite bonding
  • Inlays and onlays
  • Gingival sculpting
  • Teeth Whitening

Your cosmetic dentist can exam your teeth to determine which procedures you need to create a beautiful smile. You may require only one procedure or a combination of  procedures to make your smile look its best. 

If you are unhappy with your smile, talk with a cosmetic dentist, like from Accent Dental. He or she can answer any questions you have and help you get the smile you want. 


24 November 2014

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