Two Root Canal Myths That May Be Misleading You

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When you are suffering from extreme tooth damage, it can seem as though there is no way to alleviate the symptoms without extracting the tooth. Fortunately, root canals are designed to achieve just this goal. Unfortunately, many myths and misconceptions surround these procedures, which can make it difficult for patients to understand their options. Luckily, dispelling the following couple of notions about root canals will help you to better understand this routine dental procedure. 

Myth: Root Canals Are Only Done To Relieve Pain Or Correct Cosmetic Issues

Some patients are under the impression that a root canal is simply the removal of the tooth's nerve. As a result, these patients may think that this procedure is strictly for the relief of pain or for cosmetic purposes. However, this is far from the truth, and there can be a variety of important health reasons for getting this procedure done. 

During a root canal, a professional dentist, like those at Round Lake Dental Clinic, will remove any infected tissue in the tooth and replace it with a special filling. If this infected tissue is not removed, it can cause disease to spread throughout the body using the circulatory system.

Myth: You Can Only Get A Root Canal On Your Front Teeth

Problems with your front teeth can be extremely stressful because they are noticeable, and root canals are often utilized to treat major problems on the front teeth. However, there are some patients that are under the impression that these procedures cannot be done on the back teeth. 

While it is true that root canals are the easiest to perform on front teeth, this is simply because they are easier to access. However, it is still possible for these procedures to be done on the teeth at the back of your mouth. In most cases, root canals on these teeth will be more expensive, time-consuming and have a longer recovery, but this option may still be a possible to save your tooth from being extracted.

A root canal can be one of the best treatment options for repairing a variety of problems and damages your teeth might have encountered. However, not having correct information about this procedure can make it exceedingly difficult for you to consider the viability of this option. After learning that this procedure can be done to your back teeth and that it provides important health benefits, you will be better able to understand the benefits of this type of treatment, which will make it easier for you to make an informed choice for fixing your dental problem.


2 July 2015

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