4 Reasons Everyone Should Have a Tongue Scraper in Their Bathroom

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Everyone knows that good oral hygiene starts with a toothbrush and some toothpaste, and that they shouldn't skip the floss! Did you know that having a tongue scraper can also benefit you and your oral health? Here are some of the reasons why anyone and everyone should have a tongue scraper in their bathroom and use it each and every day to touch up those taste buds.

Bad Breath Got You Down?

Scraping your tongue can reduce the effects that bad breath has on you. When you scrape the bacteria from the back of the tongue, you're reducing the chances of having bad breath. The toothbrush is not able to reach back here, so when in doubt, scrub with your tongue scraper. This is one of the easiest ways to reduce bad breath without having to worry about having mints or gum with you at all times.

Boost Your Immunity

Your body reabsorbs all of the toxins you place on your tongue. In turn, this could be what is causing you to become sick or catch the common cold so frequently. Instead of letting those germs sit and fester on your tongue, use a scraper after every meal to get them off. Scrapers do more than just help your mouth, they help the overall well-being of your body by making sure you do not ingest all of the bacteria and germs your tongue likes to collect.

Increase Flavors You Taste

Your taste buds may be riddled with bacteria and coating that you cannot see. This, in turn, causes the food that you taste to be bland or tasteless. When you scrub your tongue every day, you're cleaning off your taste buds and getting them ready for a whole new eating experience that you wouldn't normally have if you didn't scrape at all. You may even find yourself enjoying food you did not know you liked before.

Improves Your Tooth Health Overall

When you scrape your tongue, you're improving your tooth and oral health by not letting that bacteria sit and fester in your mouth. It cannot get to your teeth or your gums because you scrapped it off and rinsed it down your bathroom sink. This can greatly reduce the amount of plague building up on your teeth as well.

If these reasons did not convince you, just ask a dentist, such as one from Sun Dental & Orthodontics. They can shine some light on the use of a tongue scraper and why it might be just as important as that toothbrush and floss that you use. Tongue scrapers are affordable and can really make a difference. Cleaning your tongue may or may not have been something your parents taught you when you were growing up, but it is never too late to start. 


13 July 2015

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