3 Reasons Pediatric Dental Care Is Important

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Dental care is an important aspect of everyone's life, yet the key to developing good habits is starting young. As such, it is very important to not neglect your child's dental care. Far from just developing good habits though, having your child involved with pediatric dentistry is important in their physical development as well. Here are some reasons why your child's dental care are important for the rest of their life.

Cavities Are Prevalent and Dangerous for Development

Children are magnets for cavities, with about 19% of children between the ages of 2-19 having develop cavities and have them go untreated at some point according to the CDC. This is so high because most children haven't developed good dental hygiene habits and also have diets that are high in sugar and other corrosive substances. Cavities in and of themselves can be unpleasant experiences, but children in particular are often more sensitive to them due to lower pain tolerances. This leads to not only physical discomfort, but emotional distress as well which can particularly negatively impact your child's social and academic growth which has been well documented by NCBI. As such, getting cavities treated promptly is the best policy in ensuring that your child develops healthily. 

Tooth Loss Can Destroy Children's Mouths

Prematurely losing baby teeth or even having a freshly sprouted permanent tooth go missing can wreak havoc on your child's mouth. Children's teeth tend to move around a lot more than adults' do, and without all teeth being present at all times, teeth will tend to migrate out of alignment. This can make it extremely difficult for permanent teeth to grow in correctly and often leave the teeth unevenly spaced. Unevenly spaced teeth can cause a plethora of problems such as putting your child at risk for further dental troubles since they will be hard to clean, but it will also affect their ability to talk, which can cause them a lot of emotional distress should other children make fun of them for it. So, if your child prematurely loses a tooth you should take them to their dentist right away, as any gaps in their smile can be filled in until their permanent teeth grow in naturally. 

Prevents Fear In The Future

Starting your child going to dental offices earlier on will drastically decrease the chance they'll develop a fear of the dentist. This will make dental care exponentially easier for them as they grow older, as they won't shy away from dentist visits. All-in-all, the earlier you start, the better since regular visits are an important part in anyone's life.

So, just remember that your child's dental care is no small matter when it comes to them growing up. Get them started early and don't ignore any problems that might develop and your child is guaranteed to find transitioning into adulthood much, much easier. 

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27 August 2015

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