2 Oral Rinses To Help Ease Swelling After Ridge Augmentation Surgery

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After a dental procedure, experiencing some swelling is to be expected. However, with a ridge augmentation procedure, you may experience swelling in multiple areas. This occurs because your dentist will be removing bone and tissue from one surgical site and placing it in another. With proper care and maintenance, your swelling should eventually ease up on its own within a few weeks after the surgery. Since this can take a long time, there are a few oral rinses that you incorporate into your dental care routine in order to ease the swelling much quicker.

Wild Cherry Bark Rinse

Wild cherry bark is a medicinal herb that is not only known for its beautiful flowers, but for also relieving colds and other sicknesses. The bark contains astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are routinely used to help soothe inflammation. When used as an oral rinse, wild cherry bark can help to keep your surgical site clean of bacteria and alleviate any swelling. In order to create the oral rinse, place a spoonful of dried wild cherry bark in a standard sized cup and fill the cup with hot water. Leave the cup on the counter overnight and cover it with a plastic wrap. Allow it to steep until the next morning. In the morning, strain the loose leaf wild cherry bark and use the rinse to clean your mouth. Direct the rinse to your surgical site and hold it there for a few minutes before spitting.

Cilantro Rinse

Cilantro has found its place in a variety of recipes. While the herb is effective for adding flavor and taste to your favorite meals,cilantro also has its own medicinal benefits. The herb contains anti-inflammatory properties that are frequently used to help reduce swelling and redness. A simple cilantro rinse can be created by placing two handfuls of cilantro in a medium sized pot and placing it on the stove to boil. Once it boils, allow the cilantro to steep for a day. After a day, strain the cilantro and add several drops of lemon juice to balance out the taste. Work the rinse around your mouth and pay special attention to your surgical sites. Hold the rinse in your surgical areas for a few extra minutes before spitting.

Dealing with swelling after your ridge augmentation procedure, or any oral surgery, can be uncomfortable and painful. Therefore, use these tips to help get the swelling under control as quickly as possible.


5 July 2016

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