5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Tooth Following A Root Canal

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If you need to have a root canal, you need to know how to take care of your tooth before you go in for the procedure so you can ensure that you take proper care of the area after the procedure is done. Here are five things that you should do to take care of your surgical site inside of your mouth.

#1 Wait To Eat

After your procedure, your mouth is going to be numb from the procedure. You are not going to want to eat anything until the numbness in your mouth has completely gone away. If you eat while your mouth is still numb, there is a high chance that you could bite your cheek or tongue, causing further pain in your mouth when the numbness is all gone.

#2 Eat Before Your Procedure

Due to the numbness in your mouth following the procedure, it is a good idea to eat a big, hearty meal that will hold you over for hours before you go in for your procedure. Your mouth will be numb for hours after your procedure and you'll have to stick to a softer diet for a few days, so eating a big hearty meal before your procedure is worth it.

#3 Stock Up On Soft Foods

Your mouth is going to be sore following the procedure due to your mouth being open for so long. It is also going to be sore due to the surgery that took place. You should stock up on soft foods so that you can comfortably eat in the days following your surgery. Things like smoothies, apple sauce, potatoes, canned fruit and pastas will be easy to eat following your surgery due to their soft nature.

#4 Brush & Floss Regularly

Next, you need to make sure that you brush and floss regularly. You may actually want to brush and floss on a more regular basis as the surgery site heals. You should swish with mouthwash after you eat to ensure that you don't get anything stuck around the surgery site.

#5 Schedule Follow Up Care

After your root canal, you will have a temporary crown in place.  You are going to need to schedule follow up care with your dentist. You are going to need to have a permanent crown made for the site where your root canal was performed. You are also going to want to go back to the oral surgeon who performed your root canal about a year after the procedure to check up and make sure that everything looks right. 

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25 May 2017

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