Answering A Few Pediatric Dental Questions

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Making sure that your child's oral health needs are being met will be an important part of being a parent. However, there are many questions that new parents may have when it comes to their child's oral health. Learning more about the answers to these routine dental questions will make it easier for you to meet the dental health needs of your child.

Why Should You Have Your Child's Teeth Sealed?

Having a dental sealant applied to the teeth is a procedure that many parents will have done for their children. While this procedure can provide a child with important benefits, you may not be particularly familiar with it. When a sealant is applied to the teeth, the risks of them developing cavities will be greatly reduced. This procedure will typically only be done for the back teeth as the sealant is only applied to the chewing surface.

Is It Necessary To Seek Treatment For A Cracked Baby Tooth?

It is common for children to chip and crack their teeth due to accidents when they are playing. When these injuries occur to baby teeth, parents may be tempted to assume that this will not be a serious issue due to these teeth eventually being replaced. Yet, this type of damage can lead to a number of serious complications. This can include the tooth and gums becoming severely infected. This infection can spread to healthy teeth, which can have a serious impact on the child's oral health and development.

Will Every Child Need To Wear Embarrassing Braces?

There is a common misconception among many people that every child will have to wear unsightly braces if they are to have a beautiful smile. However, many children will find that their teeth develop without any major cosmetic issues that would require orthodontic treatments. When children do require these treatments, advancements in orthodontic treatment can allow children to avoid the need for unsightly braces by using clear retainers to straighten their teeth gently. By catching and addressing these issues early, you can reduce the difficulty of correcting them. Ideally, your child may need to undergo an orthodontic evaluation every year.

Understanding the full range of dental issues and treatments that your child may need to undergo will help you with ensuring that many serious dental issues are avoided. More precisely, having sealants applied to your child's back teeth, repairing chips and cracks to adolescent teeth along with knowing the full range of orthodontic treatments should greatly help with keeping your child's smile healthy and beautiful.

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14 April 2018

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