4 Important Things To Know About Cracks In Teeth

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When a tooth cracks, you might be able to see it or feel it if the crack is big, but there are also times when a person does not even realize they have a cracked tooth. Small cracks in teeth are relatively common, but large cracks can lead to problems. If you suspect you have a cracked tooth, you should have a dentist examine it for you. Here are a few things you should know about cracked teeth.

How dentists locate cracks in teeth

Dentists are often able to locate cracks in teeth in several different ways, and the first way is by looking inside a person's mouth. If a person has a big crack in a tooth, the dentist will be able to see it just by examining the person's mouth. Most cracks are not considered big, though, which means that dentists must spot them with other methods. Another method a dentist can use for this purpose is x-rays. X-rays will often show cracks in teeth, especially if they are relatively big.

Dentists can also diagnose cracks by evaluating the symptoms a person is experiencing with a tooth. When a dentist combines this with x-rays and a visualize examination, he or she may be able to spot the problem.

The factors that determine if the cracked tooth needs treatment

There are times when tooth cracks need to be fixed, but there are also times when they do not. If the cracks are very shallow and small and are only affecting the layer of enamel on a tooth, the tooth probably will not need any form of treatment at this point. If the cracks are deep, though, and if the person feels pain or sensitivity with the tooth, the dentist will recommend repairing the tooth.

The problems a cracked tooth can lead to

If you have a cracked tooth that needs treatment but you do not choose to get it treated, you may experience some problems with the tooth. The first problem you might experiencing is decay forming in the tooth. Secondly, you might end up with a toothache and may require a root canal procedure. The tooth may also crack or break more easily, simply because the crack in it weakens the tooth.

Ways dentists fix cracked teeth

Dentists are able to fix cracks in teeth in several ways, and the method your dentist uses will depend on the severity of the crack. The dentist might suggest using a filling to fix it, or he or she might recommend placing a crown over the tooth.

If you have a cracked tooth that is relatively large, your dentist will recommend treating the problem to prevent further problems from developing. To schedule an appointment, contact local family dentist services.


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