Tips For Reducing Denture Soreness And Pain

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If you have been recently fitted for dentures, then you likely notice that the dentures feel foreign in the mouth. It does take some getting used to, and you may notice that sores are forming on the soft tissues. If you are feeling some soreness or pain, then there are a few things that you can do to reduce this issue.

Make Sure The Dentures Fit Right

When you get your first set of dentures, your dental professional will make sure that the bases of the false teeth fit well over the swollen tissues. As you heal, the gums will start to shrink and calm, and the jaw bone will also lose some of its bulk and density. Your dentist will alert you to these issues and let you know that several adjustments will likely need to be made. Basically, the denture base will need to be replaced once or several times. Do not skip your adjustment appointments and make sure that you are seeking out care from your dental professional if the dentures feel loose. 

Also, you may need to invest in some sort of adhesive cream or gel to make sure that the dentures properly suction to the arch. This keeps them from moving and rubbing against the soft tissues of your mouth. When you use your denture cream, just make sure that you are losing the least amount of the product as necessary. Otherwise, the dentures may suction too aggressively and will cause discomfort when they are removed. 

Chew On Both Sides Of The Mouth

Most people will chew more on one side of the mouth than the other. This is natural and it is unlikely to cause problems when you have your natural teeth. However, uneven bites will place significant pressure on one side of the mouth and not the other. This can create pain on the pressure side, and you will start to form sores if you suddenly start chewing on the other part of the mouth. 

So, make sure that you are using your entire mouth when eating and chewing on both the right and left side. Eating slowly at first will help you to get used to this and make it easier for you to retain a more natural chewing motion. 

If you notice that one side of the mouth hurts more than the other, then think about adding some extra denture cream to that area to stop the dentures from rocking as much when you eat.

If you want to know more about dentures and how you can keep soreness at bay, speak with a dental office like Sidney Dental Associates Inc.


26 March 2019

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