Your Very First Days With Invisalign: Tips For A Smooth Transition

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Invisalign has done so much for the world or orthodontics. No longer do you have to wear metal brackets on your teeth for two years or deal with wires poking into your cheeks in order to gain straighter teeth. But while Invisalign is easier and more comfortable than other orthodontic options, there is still some adaptation involved. Here are a few tips to follow during your first few days with Invisalign in order to enjoy a smooth transition. 

Don't rub the aligners with your tongue.

When there is something new in your mouth all of the time, your first instinct might be to go over it with your tongue again and again. But you should resist this urge as much as possible since it can lead to tongue soreness and can also wear down the edges of your aligners. Try doing something different, like squeezing a stress ball or taking a deep breath, whenever you feel the urge to play with your tongue.

Set a reminder to remove aligners at mealtime.

You'll need to remove the aligners each time you eat, which can be tough to remember to do when you are busy. So set a reminder in your phone for a few minutes before you typically eat your meals. This should remind you to take the aligners out so they do not end up caked in food, which will ultimately make them stained and smelly.

Establish a routine with your case.

You should definitely have a case for your aligners so that you have somewhere clean to set them while you are eating or while you're doing your oral hygiene routine. Create a routine for your case as far as setting it in a certain place where you eat, keeping it in a specific spot in your purse, and so forth. This way, you won't misplace your case or forget to bring it with you all the time. Your behaviors, as far as the case is concerned, should become habit.

Take pain relievers.

Although aligners do not cause as much discomfort as braces, they can make your mouth a bit sore, especially when you first start using them. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever will help ease the soreness. Start taking the pain reliever before the discomfort sets in, and it will be more effective. Do not take more than is recommended on the packaging.

If you have any issues adapting to your Invisalign, reach out to your dentist or orthodontist.


28 May 2019

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