Child Doesn't Like Certain Foods? It Might Be Because Their Teeth Make It Hard To Eat

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If your child seems to be a picky eater, it might surprise you to learn that if their teeth are crooked, that may play a role in why they're so picky. Here's something new to consider when you're worried about why your child is such a fussy eater.


The alignment of the teeth can make a big difference in eating. Teeth need to be relatively straight and the upper and lower jaw need to meet perfectly in order for teeth to work properly to allow people to chew, tear, and bite at their food. When the teeth are crooked and the jaw isn't aligned, it can be tougher to eat.

For example, tearing into something like meat might be hard if the upper and lower teeth don't meet up properly. Your child might do better with small pieces that they can mash between their molars, rather than something they have to tear into with their front teeth and canines.

Taste Problem

How your child eats can actually play a role in the way that their food tastes. If they're not breaking down the things that they're eating thoroughly, they may not be able to fully taste the food. Other foods can be difficult to eat without being able to perform a cutting action with the front teeth. This leads to another issue.

Stomach Problems

It's possible that your child could be having problems with their stomach after eating certain foods, all because of their teeth. Believe it or not, chewing plays a big role in digestion before food ever gets to the stomach. So if your child isn't chewing their food thoroughly because they can't, it could mean that they end up getting an upset stomach after eating certain foods. That may cause them to subconsciously avoid certain foods even if they don't hate the way that they taste.

Teeth are the first step of digestion and play a role in breaking down food and allowing someone to fully taste what they're eating. If your child's teeth are crooked, it's time to consult with an orthodontist in your area for help. They're pros at using braces to straighten teeth and realign jaws and can help your child to grow into a healthy, well-balanced smile that will let them chew and tear at food easily and effectively. Don't let your child keep having the potential for stomach aches and fussy eating.


24 September 2019

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