4 FAQ About Cosmetic Dentistry

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When you see a dentist on a regular basis, you are taking good care of your teeth and strive to have optimal oral health. But it's not just the health of your teeth that is important. For many people, it's also important to have teeth that look nice. This is what cosmetic dentistry is for.

To help you learn more, here are the answers to four frequently asked questions about cosmetic dentistry.

1. What Are Some Common Types of Cosmetic Dentistry?

One of the most common types of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. Also known as teeth bleaching, this cosmetic procedure gets rid of stains on the teeth and lightens the existing shade of your teeth. Teeth whitening is a great option for those who want a whiter, brighter smile.

Other common types of cosmetic dentistry include:

  • Dental veneers. These wafer-thin shells of porcelain help to help to change the color, shape, or size of your tooth.
  • Dental implants. These titanium tooth roots provide a foundation to replace a missing tooth.
  • Dental bonding. Resin is applied to the tooth in order to repair cracks and chips.

Other types of cosmetic dentistry include dental crowns, inlays, dental bridges, and orthodontics.

2. What Benefits Does Cosmetic Dentistry Offer?

Besides the obvious benefit of improving the appearance of the teeth, there are other reasons people choose cosmetic dentistry. When a missing tooth gets replaced, it can help to restore the ability to chew and also prevent bone loss.

In some cases, damaged teeth cause mouth pain or extra sensitivity when drinking or eating certain foods and beverages. When these teeth are restored, it helps to alleviate pain and sensitivity. One more benefit that cosmetic dentistry offers is that it can improve self-esteem and boost confidence.

3. How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?

The cost of cosmetic dentistry depends on the type of procedure you're having. Some procedures cost only a few hundred dollars, while others cost thousands of dollars. For example, dental bonding costs up to $400 per tooth. A dental implant, on the other hand, can cost up to $2,500 per implant.

4. Does Dental Insurance Cover Cosmetic Dentistry?

If you want cosmetic dentistry to simply improve the appearance of your teeth, dental insurance won't cover it. The only way dental insurance covers cosmetic dentistry is if it's medically necessary. If you need to have cosmetic surgery to prevent tooth decay or because your teeth were damaged in an accident, dental insurance may cover it in these instances. Before having a cosmetic dental procedure, you should contact your dental insurance.


13 November 2020

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