5 Factors That Affect The Success Of Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Several factors affect the number and duration of teeth whitening treatments you need to achieve your dentist's desired outcome. So, to manage your expectations, understand that your teeth may or may not become pearly white after one treatment. Discover five factors that influence the outcome of teeth whitening.

1. Your Teeth's Base Color

Discolored teeth often happen in one of several shades. Compared to yellow teeth, grey, purple, and brown usually take time to respond to most tooth-whitening products. Therefore, your dentist will recommend several teeth whitening treatments to achieve the desired shade of white if you have difficult-to-treat colors. Also, the deeper the color intensity, the more difficult to whiten the teeth.

2. Oral Hygiene

If you can't sustain proper oral hygiene, you will still darken your teeth even after a successful teeth whitening treatment. Failure to brush and floss your teeth regularly will see your teeth darken again with time. In-office treatments from a cosmetic dentist allow you to get specific instructions for your teeth. If you neglect your dentist's instructions, you won't maintain your new color for long.

3. Food Consumption

Even after a successful teeth whitening procedure, you can't attain success if you eat pigmented foods. Dentists will warn you against products like acidic drinks, tomatoes, and some medications that contain elements that discolor your teeth. If you can't avoid some of the said products, reduce the frequency of use and brush after consumption.

4. Teeth Whitening Type and Concentration

Often, professional teeth whitening treatments offer the best results. You might not get the ideal formula for your teeth if you do over-the-counter products. Also, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in different products varies. A higher concentration doesn't necessarily mean better results. Instead, the ideal concentration depends on your specific oral health and condition.

Your cosmetic dentist has enough experience for a successful worry-free teeth whitening procedure. Therefore, visiting your dentist's office is better than using over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

5. Treatment Duration

All teeth whitening treatments have an estimated duration to reach optimal results. Dentist in-office treatments usually take one to one and a half hours. Take-home kits take a longer time. Nonetheless, if you fail to follow the correct procedure per the product's instructions, you won't achieve the ideal results within the given period.


The choices you make, from the method of treatment to after-care, will improve or hinder the success of teeth whitening. If your teeth whitening isn't as effective as you hoped, consider the factors above and make the necessary changes. Lastly, always consult a cosmetic dentist for the ideal teeth whitening plan for the best results. 

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24 August 2022

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