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Though it might sound like something else altogether, crazing refers to a line in your teeth. It's not quite a crack but it still might cause you some concern. Read on and learn more about crazing of the teeth.

Cracks and Crazing: Know the Difference

It's vital to know that cracks are far more serious than a craze line. A crack can get worse in time and eventually lead to the destruction of your tooth. Here are the main differences between cracks and crazes:

  • A cracked tooth may be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, but crazing won't be affected by that.
  • A crazed tooth won't cause any sensation at all; if it hurts, it may be something more than crazing.
  • Craze lines can be difficult to spot in many cases. Those with nicotine or coffee stains, however, may notice them more since darker teeth make them stand out more.
  • In most cases, craze lines cannot be felt by the tongue either. Sometimes, though they can feel like tiny ridges with the fingers.
  • A craze can look as thin as a hair and always run vertically. A crack can run in any direction and are more obvious in appearance.
  • A craze is harmless and won't ever become worse, unlike cracks.
  • Craze lines are superficial and do not involve anything except the outer surface of the teeth.

Where Do Craze Lines Come From?

The causes are many and some simply appear because of aging. Other causes are:

  • Teeth grinding
  • Chewing on ice or hard candy habitually
  • From improperly positioned orthodontics

Should You Worry?

In most cases, craze lines are not a concern. Any time you feel pain in a tooth, however, phone your dentist. What you might have thought was a harmless craze line might be a crack. Your dentist can identify, note, and monitor your craze lines to ensure they don't change over time.

What to Do?

Once you know that your craze lines are only cosmetic, you can relax. However, if they bother you, ask your dentist about:

  • Veneers to cover your teeth. These are thin coatings of porcelain that can improve the appearance of teeth.
  • Professional teeth whitening. This works especially well if you have stained teeth that are making the craze lines appear darker. The line will remain but may be less noticeable.
  • Bonding is like veneers but a bit less expensive. A resin material is applied to the crazed areas to mask them.

Talk with your dentist about all lines on your teeth to find out more.


31 October 2022

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