How To Get Dentures And Never Worry About Them Falling Out

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Dentures are a great choice for replacing missing teeth, whether you're missing all or only some of your teeth. However, some people are wary of dentures because they're worried about them falling out or moving around in their mouths. If you consider yourself to be one of those people, then read this guide to find out how you can get dentures and never worry about them moving or falling out.

16 December 2019

Lost A Tooth? 3 Options To Help You With Your Smile

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Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you; especially if you work in a field where you do a lot of client interfacing. If, however, you just lost a tooth either because of an infection or injury, then your smile may not say what you want it to about yourself. With several options that can restore your smile, however, you shouldn't have to live without your missing tooth for very long.

12 November 2019

Why So Many People Are Now Opting For Invisalign Braces

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If you have started to think that now might be a good time to get braces, but you do not want to get the traditional metal braces on your teeth, you may want to consider the option of Invisalign braces. This type of braces is gaining in popularity and for good reason. To help you see why you might want to go ahead and set an appointment with an Invisalign provider, you will want to continue reading the following information.

15 October 2019

Child Doesn't Like Certain Foods? It Might Be Because Their Teeth Make It Hard To Eat

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If your child seems to be a picky eater, it might surprise you to learn that if their teeth are crooked, that may play a role in why they're so picky. Here's something new to consider when you're worried about why your child is such a fussy eater. Example The alignment of the teeth can make a big difference in eating. Teeth need to be relatively straight and the upper and lower jaw need to meet perfectly in order for teeth to work properly to allow people to chew, tear, and bite at their food.

24 September 2019

This Is Why Sensitivity Toothpastes Aren't A Cure

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When your teeth hurt, there's a good chance that you look to a sensitivity toothpaste for relief. After all, these are advertised as providing sensitivity and pain reduction with regular use. However, are you really getting the help that you need? What They Do Sensitivity toothpastes do one thing and they do it well: they plug holes. The surface of your tooth is filled with pores, similar to your skin. When enamel wears down on the surface of the tooth, these pores are exposed to the surface.

23 August 2019

Dental Issues To Keep An Eye Out For In Your Child

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Children may not know exactly what is going on with their own oral health. After all, they haven't had those chompers for long. It's up to you as the parent to keep an eye out for issues that may be concerning and get your child to a pediatric dentist for a checkup and exam. Read on for a few dental issues to keep an eye out for in your child.

24 July 2019

Does Your Child Need Sedation Dentistry Or Just A Gentle Hand?

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If you find that you dread your child's dental visits more than your own or have ever been charged a "behavior management fee" by your child's dentist after a particularly difficult exam, you may be wondering whether sedation dentistry is a less stressful alternative. For many families, sedation dentistry allows exams to be performed even on the most stubborn or non-compliant children, as well as those with developmental disabilities or anxiety disorders that make these exams tough.

28 June 2019

Your Very First Days With Invisalign: Tips For A Smooth Transition

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Invisalign has done so much for the world or orthodontics. No longer do you have to wear metal brackets on your teeth for two years or deal with wires poking into your cheeks in order to gain straighter teeth. But while Invisalign is easier and more comfortable than other orthodontic options, there is still some adaptation involved. Here are a few tips to follow during your first few days with Invisalign in order to enjoy a smooth transition.

28 May 2019

Dental Implant Options And Costs

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It used to be that only those with top-tier insurance covers or significantly deep pockets could get implants. This was a shame since getting implants has proven to be more effective than other tooth replacement options such as bridges and dentures. However, things have improved in recent times. While dental implants are still viewed as the pricey option, they are much more affordable. The price of implants is low enough to be justifiable in the long-term and there are also different options available.

30 April 2019

Tips For Reducing Denture Soreness And Pain

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If you have been recently fitted for dentures, then you likely notice that the dentures feel foreign in the mouth. It does take some getting used to, and you may notice that sores are forming on the soft tissues. If you are feeling some soreness or pain, then there are a few things that you can do to reduce this issue. Make Sure The Dentures Fit Right When you get your first set of dentures, your dental professional will make sure that the bases of the false teeth fit well over the swollen tissues.

26 March 2019