4 Tips To Help You Take Care Of Dental Implants

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Dental implants are designed to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. The implants will restore your normal tooth functioning. You also don't have to worry that people will notice you have them. The tooth add-ons are durable, providing a secure anchor for dental restorations. As a result, the implants can last for many years, reducing their long-term cost. Dental implants require low maintenance. You only need to observe oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly.

6 December 2022

Are Your Teeth Crazed? Find Out More

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Though it might sound like something else altogether, crazing refers to a line in your teeth. It's not quite a crack but it still might cause you some concern. Read on and learn more about crazing of the teeth. Cracks and Crazing: Know the Difference It's vital to know that cracks are far more serious than a craze line. A crack can get worse in time and eventually lead to the destruction of your tooth.

31 October 2022

4 Reasons To Choose A Maryland Bridge To Replace Missing Teeth

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A dental bridge is a prosthetic that can replace one or more teeth in a dental arch. Although you can choose from several types of dental bridges, the Maryland bonded bridge is favored by some patients for its unique advantages. If you are considering replacing your teeth with a dental bridge, here are five reasons why a Maryland bonded bridge is a good option.  1. No reduction of adjacent teeth

29 September 2022

5 Factors That Affect The Success Of Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Several factors affect the number and duration of teeth whitening treatments you need to achieve your dentist's desired outcome. So, to manage your expectations, understand that your teeth may or may not become pearly white after one treatment. Discover five factors that influence the outcome of teeth whitening. 1. Your Teeth's Base Color Discolored teeth often happen in one of several shades. Compared to yellow teeth, grey, purple, and brown usually take time to respond to most tooth-whitening products.

24 August 2022

What To Know About General Dentistry

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When it comes to oral care, visiting a dentist periodically is crucial. Taking care of your teeth and gums requires a combination of preventative care and addressing any issues that arise as soon as possible. Seeing the right type of dentist is also necessary. There are different types of oral health care providers, but one that works in general dentistry is most likely to suit your needs. Here's what you should know about general dentistry.

22 July 2022

Signs You Need A Root Canal And How To Prep For One

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If you need a root canal, it likely sounds a lot scarier than it really is. A root canal is a very intensive cavity filling that results in the need for a dental crown to cover the drilled-out areas of the tooth. The alternative to a root canal is often just simply pulling a tooth, which is something you want to avoid if you can.  Do you need a root canal?

15 June 2022

Lesser-Known Health Benefits Of Dental Implants

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Dental implants are widely used to enhance the appearance of those who have missing or damaged teeth. While restoring the appearance of your smile may be the most notable benefit of getting dental implants, there are other, lesser-known benefits. Here are some health benefits that you may be unaware of that can have a dramatic positive impact on your overall state of health. Enhanced Bone Health Missing teeth can cause significant bone loss in your jawbones.

3 May 2022

Pediatric Medications: Oral Health Consequences

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Children who take certain medications need to be vigilant about their oral hygiene routines because certain prescription and over-the-counter drugs can cause dental and gum problems. Because of this, your child will need to visit their pediatric dentist for routine examinations and cleanings which will help ensure optimal oral health. Here are some common pediatric medications that may lead to abnormal findings during your child's dental examination. Anticonvulsant Drugs If your child has a seizure disorder such as epilepsy, then their doctor may have prescribed an anticonvulsant drug known as phenytoin.

28 March 2022

Have You Undergone Tooth Implant Surgery? Here Are 4 Things To Avoid

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Technology has affected the periodontist industry significantly. For instance, patients with missing, damaged, cracked, or infected teeth can now get teeth implants. These implants are convenient since they are designed to mimic your natural teeth. But to get them, you will have to undergo a surgical procedure. After the surgery, you will need time to heal while avoiding some things to ensure complete healing. Here is a look at four things to avoid after dental implants.

18 February 2022

Five Common Questions About Root Canals

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Do you need to get a root canal due to decay, injury, or disease, and you're told that you need a root canal to save the tooth? If so, you may be wondering what is necessary to save the tooth. Here are some common questions about root canals that you're likely to have What Is an Endodontist? You may have heard your dentist say that you need to visit an endodontist.

6 January 2022